The Great Divide

You and I may have different beliefs and opinions, and that’s alright. In fact, it’s healthy. Back in the old days, (say 8 years ago) we all understood the difference of opinions. No one threw a temper tantrum. (Publicly at least) No one rioted. Innocent or guilty people were not harmed or killed. Differences were accepted. Recognized. And we moved on.

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Something has happened to us, as a nation. When did a difference of opinion become a war zone? Why can’t people think for themselves? Where’s the balance of right or wrong? Why can’t we treat others as equals? Why do we think our opinions are the only ones that are correct? Why do we “act out” if we don’t get our way? Do I need to stop this car? Does someone need a spanking? Or need their mouth washed out with soap?

I’m placing you in time out.

Childish. Pay attention folks. Think for yourself. If you’re not certain what is right, then sit down and really think about it. If you know it’s wrong, but you’re making excuses and trying to explain it in a way where it makes you look good, then it’s still WRONG.

I’m not picking sides, because to me, both sides are questionable. Neither side cares about all of us. My view on elections were to chose the least evil, however neither side could give me complete clarity of that issue. Now, in the manner of all things in the universe, change is upon us. Many are fighting against this change. Violently. Harming others without regard to human life. Many want the change.

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Life is about change. Nothing ever stays the same. We have to focus on becoming better and wiser. We have to change for the good of the people. We need to have open minds, open hearts, and open arms. Our future depends upon it. I’m looking forward to what could happen. I mean, come on where’s the flying cars? Where’s my hoverboard? The future looks so bright, I need shades.

Meditate. Try Yoga. Eat better. Excerise. Write. Paint. Sing. Whatever makes you happy, just do something good for each other.

Be True to Yourself.