The Clears 1

To be one who sees clearly means you are clairvoyant. Nope, not talking about 20/20 eyesight. This goes beyond the five senses. And sorry, glasses won’t help you here either. Clairvoyance isn’t simple. There’s categories, but let’s define clairvoyance a little bit more. If you see things, which others can not, whether it’s with your eyes or mind, means you have this ability. I’m not talking imagination here. As a writer I see things in my head all the time, but this is an extraordinary ability in gaining knowledge.

The categories: Precognition. The ability to see the future. Maybe you have had a vision or you use a tool such as a crystal ball. Yep, this is the one where there’s a sign in a window in someone’s house, flashing psychic! You go to the home and the person gives you a reading. Some folks with this ability see a glimpse into your future.

woman holding lighted glass ball under string lights
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Retrocognition. The ability to see the past. This could be visionary or dream like. These folks are the ones where the nonbeliever detective asks someone for help solving a crime.

Remote Viewing. This is the ability to see someone or something as it presently occurs, but the event is a distance away, out of normal perception. Like if you were sitting in your house, sipping hot coffee and you see (in your mind’s eye perhaps) an earthquake in a distant country. Wow! Crazy imagination, right. Right. You turn on the television and the news breaks in on your favorite show. (Grrr.) The newscaster speaks about an earthquake. Boom. Mind blown.

Again, I believe everyone has some kind of ability, whether you acknowledge it or not. Clairvoyance is one of the most common. There’s a lot more to it. You may be able to see others’ auras. You may see spirits. You may see flashes of light or words or numbers. (Winning lottery tickets anyone?)


How does one develop this skill if they already have it? My favorite tool: Meditation. Clear the mind and you can see what’s really there. That’s right, get that jumble of useless negative crap out and (ta da!) everything will become easier for you. Practice visualizing, or however you see the things you see.

Be a believer in yourself.

Be true to yourself.