Tools: Gratitude

There is one major rule in life: You get what you give. If you have a dark heart, bad things may befall you. Yeah, it’s that Karma thing.  Being grateful opens you heart and mind. Huh? You ask. There are several reasons why I say this.

Reason #1. You’re so busy being thankful and happy, you don’t have time to be a grump.

Reason #2. You’re thankful and happy and want to help others become happy. Those others become happy and are thankful for your help. Therefore, they pay it forward.

Reason #3. Being thankful invites others to continue to make you happy.  If you’re grateful for help, people will help you. It’s that get what you give thing.

Reason#4. Being grateful brings you more. More happiness. More friends. More smiles. More laughs. More positive vibes.

What happens if you aren’t grateful? You keep your mind busy wanting more things.  More. More. More. You become greedy, because you aren’t happy. People don’t want to help you. Why would they? You aren’t grateful for others helping you. You don’t help others. It’s all about you. A legend in your own mind.

Being ungrateful closes your mind, because it’s so busy wanting and stroking your ego, there’s no room for anyone else. Being ungrateful equals negative vibes. So, why would anyone want this?

Be grateful for your past. It makes you who and what you are. Yeah,  maybe you didn’t do the things you should have, but that is what makes you stronger. Smarter. Better. You learned.

Be grateful for the present. You’re alive and well. Be happy with what you have.

Be grateful for the future.  It’s so bright, ya hafta wear shades. (LOL)

Be true to yourself