The Tools: Affirmations and Intent

People say affirmations don’t work. I believe they do. The secret is to know how to use them, but the truth is affirmations alone do not work. Confused? Aren’t we all? So let’s take a peek at affirmations. What are they? Basically positive phrases you say to yourself or out loud. You don’t have to stare into a mirror and say them. I normally say some after meditation in the morning and again before bed. You can look online and gets pages and pages of affirmations. I’d suggest you read through and pick ones that feel good to you. If you tire of them, pick new ones.

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How do affirmations work? You say your phrase, like maybe, ‘I am a good person. I deserve good things.’  After meditation and voicing an affirmation, you feel good don’t you? You feel positive. You can accomplish whatever you wanna! Woot! So, um why don’t they work? Well. Just saying something doesn’t mean it’s true or it’ll happen. Let’s take a closer look at the affirmation I used as an example.

“I am a good person.” Are you really? Then why are you gossiping and spreading lies about your co-worker? Why are you mean toward others?  “I deserve good things.” Says who? You? Are these ‘good things’ just supposed to happen like magic?

Which brings us to intent. This is a very important little detail a lot of people leave out. If you’re visualizing and manifesting, saying affirmations, etc, none of it works without intent. What is intent? It’s more than the why you do these things. It’s about more about doing and the reason why. Hope you’re not confused again. Let’s look at the phrase, “I am a good person.”

To be a good person, you hafta do good things. Simple right? And yet so many fail at this. Be a good person. You can’t just say you’re a good person without walking the walk and talking the talk. (that’s called a lie, by the way) Okay, let’s say you are a good person. You go to work every day, pay your taxes, help others, be positive, and blah blah. Next phrase, “I deserve good things.”  We all want to believe we deserve good things. (although they are some who don’t believe this) Yeah, we all want good things. If you can afford it, go for it. A ‘good thing’ isn’t just gonna materialize. You’ll have to work on it. You wanna a nice house? Pay off your bills. Keep an eye on your credit score. Save money.

Intent is the big difference. You want a new job? Okay.  Do your current job. Be a good person. Excel. Apply for jobs. It’s not gonna jump out of nowhere and knock on your door. You put out the vibes and they answer you.

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Say your affirmations. Believe in them. Believe in yourself.


Be true to yourself