The Tools: Prayer

In Simply Sensitive, I talk about the tools you can use to assist you with your abilities, starting with protection and working on toward strengthening what you can do. This first tool is the most important.

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Prayer is a tool for protection. Again I’m going to say, I don’t care who you pray to or what religion you follow. What I will suggest is, look into all the religions around the world. Look at their beliefs and choose one that resonates with you. This is important. You shouldn’t feel as if you must continue to go to a church that you don’t agree with, just because your entire family went to this church. As an example. I was told we were Baptist. I went to a Holiness church. After doing my own research. I lean more toward Buddhism.

Prayers don’t have to be filled with fancy words. I tend to keep things simple. No fancy words needed, however you do have to be specific. For an example, I had trouble sleeping at night. Nothing helped. Warm milk just made me visit the bathroom throughout the night. Over the counter medication caused nightmares. So, I researched the internet and came across a website suggesting prayer. Specifically it suggested to pray every night and say a certain phrase. I came across a friend having the same problem, or actually a worse problem. I suggested she said a prayer with a certain phrase. That phrase was, ‘if I were to travel throughout the night, ensure that I return to my body.’ She tried it and had success. Now I dunno if this means I was astral projecting. I just know I had night terrors.

Your prayers don’t have to be six hours long either. Simply say a direct prayer and always end with a thank you. Some folks use ‘Amen’ and that’s fine. Whatever you wanna do. This is all about you and what makes you feel better. If you want “special” prayers, check the Bible or internet. I’m certain someone somewhere wrote a prayer for whatever you’re needing.

Pray for peace. Pray for the safety of yourself and your family. Pray for your friends and the trials they are facing. Pray for those whose eyes are closed. Pray for them to see the truth.

Always say a prayer of protection before you do any kind of paranormal activity.  It doesn’t matter if it’s tarot cards or if you’re about to use a pendulum. I always ask for protection from spirits who may mean me harm. Remember, you are about to touch their realm. Some spirits may touch back.


Be true to yourself.