Open Your Mind

Why is this difficult to do? The answer is simple. It’ll change EVERYTHING. You’ll see the world with fresh eyes. You’ll react differently toward other people, to what’s happening around you. Yeah, it can be scary. Life changing in fact. Truth is, we are creatures of habit. We do things, say things, without a single thought. But, we need to think before we act. We need to think before we voice what’s dinging around in our minds.

We long for change, but fear changes.

Here are some blocks that keep our minds closed.

Family: Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, and even cousins influence the way we think and act. For an example, your entire family hates cats. I mean really hates cats. Your bestie invites you to her house. *GASP*  You don’t know your bestie as well as you thought you did. She has a cat! The cat interacts with you and you start to think, huh. Maybe cats are not The Spawn of Hell? The cat is a puddle of warm purring fur. You realize, cats aren’t all bad. Little by little, you change your mind about cats. Easy! Now the hard part is telling your family you like cats. But, why is that so difficult? You are a grown woman. You have a full-time job and your own place. If you want a cat, you should get a cat. Why are you so hesitant? The family won’t approve? Will they think less of you? A cat would make you happy. Get the cat. Your family will get over it. Love is acceptance.

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Church/Religion: We all want something or someone to believe in. I’m all for religion, I just think one needs to understand and chose the religion in a different way. Your entire family (there it is again) goes to a church. You grew up in this church. You have friends in this church. Now, you’re not really certain that you agree with the church. Suddenly they are preaching against cats. You have a cat. You love your cat. So, if you follow along like blind sheep, you get rid of your cat. Now you can’t sleep. You worry about the cat. You cry a lot. You realize you are a cat person. You can’t change. You shouldn’t be forced to, or asked to, or made to, change who you are. Think for yourself. Look into different religions and churches. Pick a church that doesn’t care if you like cats.

If your church is all about hate. You need a new church.

Friends: Yeah, just like family and church, our friends influence us. We are so concerned about our friendships, we’ll discard family for them. Just to be controlled by strangers. They are false friends. In high school I had this friend, who I called my non-friend friend, because I never was quite certain if we were friends or not. She would seek me out, talk to me, be friendly, etc, but her actions would be non-friendly. To say I was confused would be correct. She eventually traveled down some dangerous paths. Drugs, unwanted pregnancies, etc. I stayed on my own path, because I listened to my heart. I thought for myself. I saw the darkness engulf her, by her own choices.

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Now, I ask a question. How would you feel if a law was passed, declaring it was illegal to have a cat? Why is it anyone’s business if you have a cat? It’s not. You take care of your cat. You love your cat. Why does some one else have the RIGHT to control you in that way? Does your cat affect them? No, your cat doesn’t affect other people. Okay. So, to flip this around, why would you whine and cry about someone else’s dog? Their dog doesn’t affect you. They care for and love the dog. What right do you have to point your finger at them and spew hate and lies about dogs?

You can substitute different words for cats and dogs. Like racism. Age. Gender. Sexuality. Open your mind. See the world with fresh eyes.

Be true to yourself