About Me

First, nearly sixty people took advantage of the FREE days for Simply Sensitive. The non fiction book has returned to the normal price of $.99, which is the least amount Amazon would allow me to set it as.

Anyway, on to topic of the day, Me. LOL, really I just wanted to take a moment to discuss you guys and myself.

My mom raised my brother and me as a single parent. My father left us when I was just a toddler. I like to claim I had a normal childhood, but I don’t think I can anymore. I was too sensitive, too childish, too trusting of others. I was taught to tell the truth and to be polite to everybody. I didn’t have any real to the touch friends. They were all imaginary. I read a lot. I stayed to myself, because I didn’t understand the way other people were. I couldn’t understand why someone would lie or say something mean just to hurt your feelings. In some ways, I never grew up.

nature red girl model
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As a child I had empathetic tendencies. I wanted everyone to be happy and if someone raised their voice to me, I’d cry. I still don’t like conflict. My friends (real live ones) will argue and then say something along the lines of, ‘we’d better stop, Josie’s getting upset.’ I would be though, cause I want my friends to get along. I want everyone to get along. It saddens me to realize, it’s gonna take a lot to bring us together.

Saddens me and causes great fear. What’s got to happen to bring us together? Another 9/11? I hope not, but I fear it may be the truth. Something destructive to all of us will bring us together. My enemy is your enemy type thing. It’s drastic and I hope I’m wrong. I hope we can stop the wave. Create a new motion. One made up of love and friendliness and not desperation.

It all starts with opening your mind, with freeing yourself, with thinking for yourself.

It all starts with you.


Be true to yourself