Why Simply Sensitive

As a writer, I read a lot. When I say a lot, I mean all the day, unless I’m writing or sleeping.  A lot. I read both fiction and non fiction, because I’m always looking to be well-rounded and we all need to continue to learn. This need to learn, brought me to realize there’s more to the world than we acknowledge. Deep down, we know it’s out there, but if we ignore it, we mistakenly think it’ll go away, like it never existed. Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Every single one of us has some kind of ability. It might be slight. It may even fade away from non-use. So, I read books about awakenings and how to strengthen the abilities each of us have.

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As I read, I became disheartened because it seemed like the writers were over powerful and they wielded this power like a dictator. Some chuckled and snickered as they wrote about people (who were scared and panicked) frantically contacting them for help.

I felt the need to offer plain and simple advice, from a plain and simple prospective. Yes, I’ve had paranormal experiences. Do I claim to be all-knowing or all-powerful? Nope. I’m not even claiming to be an expert.

The world is ever-changing. More and more information will be available. Life as we know it, will be changing as well. There will be wars. There will be loss. There will be peace. There will be gains.

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Starting Monday, April 1st until Friday, April 5th, Simply Sensitive will be FREE. After that period the regular price will be $.99. It’s the lowest amount Amazon would allow. I’m not looking to make money. I want to help you.

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If you have questions or suggestions, I’m open to both, please contact me.




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