Back In Black

First. Sorry I haven’t posted lately. My work schedule changed and my writing time was cut more than half. So, I had to decide which was more important? My fun happy-go-lucky blog or my novel-writing? Now, I love both, but I have so many unfinished projects with my novel writing, I had to go that way.  In the time I’ve been away, I finished one novel and wrote a non fiction book.

pile of books
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Exciting right? Sure is. After a few days of debating, I decided to do both blog and writing again. I won’t be posting as often, but I’ll do my best. What changed my mind? The non fiction book I wrote. The title is Simply Sensitive.

Simply Sensitive is about developing your psychic abilities and becoming a better person. It’s straight to the point and easy to read. Please check it out. It’s on I’m planning on having it free for the first five days, then it’ll be the lowest Amazon would allow, which is .99. I wanted it to be free, but that’s not allowed.

My plan is to blog about my book, Simply Sensitive and break down each category so we can go a little deeper. Before we continue, I am going to tell you I’m not an expert or someone who has had a billion psychic experiences. The truth is, we all have some psychic abilities.

I had asked the Universe to show or tell me what my true purpose in life was. It answered. I woke to a message. It sounded like a radio transmission.

It said, “Write the book.”

As you know, I’m a published author, therefore I have several unfinished books on my laptop, but I knew which book the voice referred to. The one I kept thinking about, but didn’t start. (Because, hello- several unfinished books already) Simply put, I wrote the book.

Crystal pendulum on a board

Now, I feel the need to go deeper. I didn’t want to do that with the actual book, as it needed to be simple. As you know, life is simple and yet, so very complicated. I’ll do my next post as soon as the book is through the review period of, which should be twenty-four hours or less.


As always, be true to yourself.