So, You Want A Resolution?

Yeah, you know the world can be a better place. So, let’s make some changes and correct all the wrongs.

Resolution: A solution to a problem.

There’s no need to tell you to look around. The world has gone crazy. We all know it. We all feel the crazy, deep within our bones. Truth is, it’s scary.

We are conditioned to forever say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’ because someone will get all butt hurt. And yet, we have mass shootings in our schools and churches. We have drugs everywhere you turn. There’s so much in-fighting between us, we aren’t the United States of America anymore. We’re just The States of America. One side wants a wall. The other not so much. There’s outrage against religion, gender, color of skin, and age. Need I say more?  This in-fighting is seriously stupid folks. There is more important stuff happening in our world. Things we aren’t even aware of, because we’re too busy fighting over who is allowed in the boy’s bathroom.

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There’s bigger issues folks.

So, what’s some resolutions?

We need to stop the infighting. We need to come together, not only as a nation, but as a people. As humans, we need to support and help one another. We need to embrace and understand different cultures. We need to believe things such as religion, gender, skin color, or any other thing that is different between you and your neighbor, doesn’t mean you have to fear them. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to violence.

Let’s talk about guns a moment. I own guns. I am mentally stable, although some may jokingly dispute that fact. I believe there needs to be stricter laws for gun ownership.

Let’s tackle this next issue, with one word. ILLEGAL. That word means, against the law. Not legal. Therefore, this issue shouldn’t even be up for debate. Whatever word follows illegal doesn’t matter. It’s against the law. Now personally, I think a wall is a useless waste of monies. I say, we take away the incentive for illegal aliens to come over here. Take away free taxes, healthcare, and free college education. Support the border patrol. Pay American workers.

This sure is simple, right?

Religion. We have the freedom of religion. It’s an amendment in the constitution. It’s a god given right, no matter what god you worship. Simply put, others have no RIGHT to tell others what religion they can follow. Nor can they hold this religion against you. People have no RIGHT to tell others who they can love. Others have no RIGHT to hold prejudices against anyone, no matter their skin color, or gender, or age.

The lives of others do not involve anyone else. Whatever god they worship, whomever they love, it has nothing to do with anyone else. So, people, mind your own business. If you have different opinions or beliefs, that’s fine. Everyone is different. My point is leave other people alone.

There are lots of big steps for resolutions for us humans, but it’s a good start. I worry for this world we live in. If we keep going the course we’re headed in, I’m not sure we’ll make it. I fear we will fail because of some petty difference. We will destroy the planet.

News flash folks, if we destroy the planet, we destroy us.

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