Stand Up To The Challenge

Life ain’t easy. You can spend all of your time wishing it was so, but it isn’t. It never will be. You will always face obstacles. You will always make an incorrect decision, it happens to everyone. Note I didn’t say a bad decision. I’m not labeling choices as good or bad. This world has enough labels. This is just the way it is. This is life.

You want an easier life? Don’t we all. I can’t make your life easier for you, I’m working on my own life! But I can give you ideas and how to make your life better. Note: Not easier. Better.

Challenge yourself. Let’s say, you hate your job. (The majority of people do.) So, what can you do to get a job you like? Do you need more education? Take a course. Check the Almighty Google. You’ll be surprised to find free courses on whatever subject you need. Do you need to send in an application? DO IT! The worst they could say is, no.

Stop making excuses. Take the risk. Face the challenge. Life is about your reactions, not about you sitting on your butt, staring at the television.

So, you want to change your life? Get off the couch. Do things. Visit places. Sit outside in nature. Feel the grass between your toes. Dangle your fingers in the cold stream. Breathe deeply. Challenge yourself every single day. Start with small stuff. Try a different food. Style your hair differently. Wake an hour earlier. Work out.  Eat better. Meditate.

Talk to strangers. Smile more.

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Life will get better. It may even ‘feel’ easier. Stay positive and believe in yourself. It’ll all work out.

Be true to yourself.