Suspicious Mindset

I know you’re giving the side eye to the person next to you, because maybe the title of this blog got you a little wary? The first question you have is, what exactly is a mindset? Simple. Your mindset is your thinking pattern. Or to put a nail on it, your frame of mind. How does your mindset get set?

What influences your thinking patterns? We’ll start at the beginning. Parents. Upbringing. As kids, everything our parents tell us is considered the truth. We listen intently, because we’re programmed to do so. In the wild, mama zebra gets baby moving as quickly as possible. Because baby’s life depends on him running. There are dangers out there, with sharp claws and teeth. Same with us. There are many dangers out there in the world. We have to know about them.

africa wilderness young zebra
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What else? Culture and religion. This is similar to upbringing, because most of us go to church, especially as youngsters. As an example, I went to a Holiness church growing up. Now, looking back I realize I never understood what the church promoted. As an adult, I don’t agree with them. I have my own beliefs, which is another influence on mindset. As we grow, we develop our own skills, our own beliefs and habits. Everything we have encountered, failed at, survived, heard, saw, read, or fought for/against makes us who we are.

Our attitude, background, and experiences make up our mindset. In fact it could be said, our mindset sets the future.  If you’re a positive person, the future is wide open.  Then if something negative happens, you deal with it and move on. However if your mindset is clouded with negative experiences, negative interactions, or negative upbringing chances are when a negative situation occurs, you wallow in it and tell yourself and the rest of the world, how much you deserve this horrible thing. Even if it isn’t all that bad, but you says things like you don’t deserve better. You might even say, why bother?

Negative mindset attracts negative situations.

A positive mindset attracts positive situations.

Life is simple that way, isn’t it? Now for the difficult part. (It’s not really that difficult, but people make it so.) How do we change a negative mindset to a positive? You have to change. Change your thinking patterns. Look for the truth. Open you heart and mind to the world. Shift your mindset. Stop being a sheepeople. Look at the world with your eyes wide open. Think for yourself, which means don’t allow others to tell you what you think. Don’t listen to the media. Search out your feelings.

Bad stuff happens. It’s how you deal with it that is important. Scream, throw a tantrum, whatever you need to do, then pick yourself up and face the problem. Deal with it and move on. Believe there is something better around the corner. But if you’re not moving ahead, you’ll never reach the corner to turn it.

Change your mindset, change the world.

Be true to yourself.