Growing Pains

If you’re like me, it feels like for every step forward, you take two backwards. It’s like for every good thing that occurs, something bad will happen. Oh! Wow! Gotta new job? Awesome. The car breaks down. Life just laughs and says crap like, “That’s what you get!”

repairing a car
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But, this mindset is just that, in your mind. We have this thought process in our heads. Don’t enjoy yourself, cause something bad will happen. (People are running around, knocking on wood right now.) This false mindset is not installed via parents or childhood. It’s not a product of social media. We’re born with it. Every single one of us. The secret (every Facebook ad now contains a hidden secret to free yourself from whatever is holding you back- seriously- check it out.) the secret, is to overcome this mindset. Dont snort. People do it all the time. Look at anyone who is successful. They have realized their dreams. Now, I’m not saying that a setback can’t happen, because it does. It’s life. The difference is how they react to the setback.

Your reaction to life is what makes you, you. I’ll use myself as an example. I am a writer. (Buy my books.) I’ve sent my books out over and over to find a real publisher. No nibbles yet, but I’m still writing. I’m still sending my work out. I’m still going forward. Even though, every day without hearing from a publisher hurts my heart, I stay upright. As Elton John says, “I’m still standing.”

I am.

So, how do we get rid of this mindset? We change our minds. We shift. We don’t give up. We hang on to the positive in our life and face the negative. Stare it down. Raise our fists against it. We fight for our right to be happy, to be successful, to have the life we deserve.

It’s simple to say, ain’t it? It is. It is also easy to do. When you see or hear yourself taking the negative road, stop.  Change your mind. A quick disclaimer. If you suffer from anxiety and /or depression, this tactic may not work for you. I said may not, cause we’re all different, it might work for some, but not everyone. Sometimes we need outside help. Seek out a professional who can help you.


Be True to Yourself