It’s All About that Balance


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Life is all about balance. Yin and Yang. Good and evil. Male and Female. Light and Darkness. Work and play. It all has to equal out. When it doesn’t, is when the trouble starts.

Let’s start with addiction. Some people are addicted to work. (Yeah, really.) For different reasons, of course. Maybe the home life isn’t going great and to stay away from the house, the person works and works. Maybe there isn’t a home life? So why go home to an empty house? Or maybe the person is addicted to the results of over working? Money. We all want more money, but if that’s your only goal in life, be prepared for loneliness. Yeah, girls might be scratching each other’s eyes out to date you, but it’s not really you who they are dating.

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Alcohol and drugs. These two addictions are all about escapism. Life gets so out of whack, you want, no need a distraction. Once you get that distraction, you crave it more and more. Alcohol is legal, (we’re talking over the drinking age limit here) But, if abused can lead to addiction. Balance is good with adult beverages. For every drink, drink a glass of water. Restrict your drinking to only the weekends and learn when to stop. Drugs are illegal and if you’re hooked on them, I’d suggest you get help.

Love and sex. Yes, there are people who are addicted to sex.  It’s a different form of escapism and yes, you’ll need help to deal with this addiction. Love. Some people can’t get enough of it. They want everyone to love them. These are the pleasers in life. They will say or do whatever it takes for your friendship.  Some folks take advantage of these people. It’s easy to do, they practically beg you to walk all over them. Some times they find themselves stuck in relationships with others they do not love. They really don’t know how it feels to love or be loved. These folks need professional help as well.

Then there are the ones who see life as totally out of balance and so out of focus, that maybe they can’t continue on. Life has gotten so bad, they lost their jobs, their spouse and kids, maybe even their homes. Or maybe something dramatic happened and now they’re (seemly) broken. If the darkness is calling you, please seek professional help. The darkness makes it difficult to see, but there’s a light. It has to be, because where’s there is darkness, there’s light. Yin and yang. Life and death. Balance.

Hate. We talked about love, so now let’s touch on hate. Balance remember. People hate and when I say the word, ‘hate’ I mean HATE. I hate winter time, but I’m aware it is a season we must suffer through. Winter is balance from summer, and life is all about balance. But anyway, I try not to hate people. We are all human, with different beliefs, different color of skin, different cultures, different religions, and different feelings. We all deserve to live in a way that makes us happy. As long as we’re not breaking the law or harming others, let people live their life the way they want. But people HATE. It’s called Extremist. People take their hate and push it to past human experiences of love and understanding. They use this as a means to an end. HATE of this magnitude leads to death.

For all of us.

For those who HATE. Look at yourself, in a mirror. Be real as you gaze upon yourself. Are you so perfect? I ask because if there is perfection then there is imperfection. As humans we are imperfect, because our balance is with Mother Nature. She has perfected this world, we just live in it, struggle through it, if you will.

Strive for balance.

Be true to Yourself