Same Old Same Old

Life is what you make it to be. If you want change, you have to change. If you don’t change, nothing changes.

If you want a healthier bod, but you don’t work out or eat healthy, guess what? A healthy bod isn’t going to appear by magic. You have to change your mindset and your actions. Mindset? Yeah. You have to make the decision to eat better. You have to decide to wake an hour earlier to do some cardio. Or instead of sitting in front of the television for three hours straight, only getting up to go to the bathroom or to get another beer,  work out. Change your actions? Yeah. Move. Exercise. Do it.

If you want more money, and I know you do. Then you hafta do something to get that money. It doesn’t just materialize out of the sky and fall into your lap. I’ve read some of those manifest type books. You know the ones I mean. Some include stories of how money magically appeared. Or more accurately, they make it seem as if money rained down on a person. For an example, one story I read was about a woman who received a couple hundred thousand dollars. A property she co-owned sold and ta da! She received an unexpected windfall, just when she asked for one. Wow. Magic. Nah. She had made an investment years ago. She co-owned property. She had to know the property was up for sale and that someone was interested in said property.

Now, I’m not being negative. Not at all. I’m being realistic. If you want money you have to work to get it. NOTE: I didn’t say work hard, just work. For example. I’m working on the abundance thing. I want to be a published author with a real publisher. I want a movie contract and a television series. I have the books already written and out there in Amazon land. (Yeah, you guessed it, buy my books.) What actions am I taking to move this from a dream to a reality? I’ve been sending my books to  publishers and /or agents. I am working it. Marketing. My books are on Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. My own website: I’m out there.

So, if you sit around and say crap (yes crap) like, I don’t deserve happiness or to be successful. You’re right. But, you’re wrong. You do deserve to be happy. You deserve to be successful. We all do. If you sit around with that negative mindset, then that is where you’ll stay. You’ll never be happy. You’ll never be successful. So what if you aren’t working your dream job, (join the party, there’s plenty of room) neither am I. I work a day job. Forty hours a week. Yeah, I wish I didn’t have to, but I do. Got bills to pay, like everyone else. You do what you have to do. Roll with it, until you can break free. Keep dreaming. Reach for the stars. Don’t stop believing.

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