The Mind is a Funny Place

I’m certain this has happened to you: It’s 3 AM and you’re wide awake. Your mind is going in circles. You owe the government $2000.00 in taxes. The truck needs new tires. The kid is failing math. The dog won’t stop barking. You really need to start working out. Why can’t someone beat the Patriots? Can’t we have another football team in the Superbowl? Why isn’t your spouse awake and worrying about this as well? NOTE: Do NOT wake your spouse at this time.

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I’m positive this has happened as well: You get a job offer and not just any job offer. I’m talking your dream job! You accept! Duh! It’s your DREAM job! Woot! Party! Then later, the smile falls from your face. Your life is about to change. Will your new fellow employees like you? Is your new boss cool? Geez, now you have an extra twenty-minute commute to the new job. Gas prices just jumped up too. What should you do for lunch? Would another team beat the Patriots already?

The mind is a funny place. It knows you all too well. It knows your fears, in fact it reminds you of said fears all the time. It knows what brings you joy. It knows your dreams and your nightmares. It’s a part of you that makes you you.

Your knowledge and beliefs are right there, in your head. Your past, present, and future, all of it is in your mind, which has no concept of time, unless you just laid your head down for five minutes, before you have to leave for work…yeah. Real funny, mind.

So what can you do to take control of your mind?

Meditate. I’ve discovered people like to make meditation difficult. Why? I have no answer, but I can help you make meditation easy. You don’t have to sit in any certain way. You don’t have to pinch certain fingers together. You don’t have to chant or say anything. (Unless you want to.) If you want to listen to Heavy Metal music. Dude, throw some Metallica on and jam! Go for it. Light a candle. Sit outside. Sit inside. I prefer a dark and quiet room. (Horror writer. Buy my books!) You don’t have to count breaths. You just have to sit somewhere and be quiet. Now, some can’t stop the ramble of voices in their head, and that’s okay. Let the voices ramble. Feel the emotions and then let it all go. Push it out of your head. Eventually, you’ll find the silence.

Change your thoughts. Put a spin on those negative self talk thoughts. Stop putting yourself down. Be your own cheerleader! Take control of your mind. Take control of your body. Take control of your life. Take control of your purpose. Take control of your destiny.


Be True to Yourself.