You don’t have to look in a mirror and say stuff like, ‘I’m good enough.’ or ‘People like me.’

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A lot of people wonder if affirmations actually work. It depends on who you ask. Some folks swear by it and others say nay.  Remember we’re all different and what works for you may not work for another. Of course some people do the whole affirmations thingy incorrectly. (Believe me, if there’s a wrong way to do something, I would discover it.)

The wrong way: You’re just going through the motions, mumbling your way around. Maybe you’re not even paying attention to what you are saying? You don’t mean it, or the actually key word with affirmations is ‘intent.’  You expect whatever you’re saying to just materialize out of nothing. For example, you say you want to become a best-selling author. (Doesn’t everybody? Buy my books!) But you haven’t written a complete sentence since high school. (Remember that F?) So, uh explain to me, how does that work? It doesn’t.

Maybe you’re selfish? Or whatever you want may cause harm to others? Or maybe you aren’t clear on what you want?

Affirmations work best if you pay attention and say them with intent. Another hint, watch your subconscious thoughts. If you are saying your affirmations with intent, but subconsciously you are thinking, man that last paragraph kinda sucked. Man, I suck at being an author. Those thoughts can break you. The experts call those nasty negative buggers self talk. You need to train your thoughts to a more positive spin. Remember, you have to be your own cheerleader. Instead of that last paragraph sucked, try to think, geez, I can change the wording a little and make that last paragraph sing.

Say your affirmations with intent and watch your negative self talk. Also help yourself. If your goal is to perform brain surgery, go to school. No one is gonna knock on your door and offer to pay you money to remove a brain tumor, if you aren’t a brain surgeon.

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Be true to yourself.