I hate to sleep. I don’t need sleep. Two things I have never ever heard anyone mutter. Ever.

Most people love sleep, but never feel they get enough of it. My husband falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow. (sometimes before, like when we’re watching a movie, or he’s in the tub, or….) Yeah. Sadly, my sleep habits are very different.

I suffer from insomnia, which means I have trouble getting to sleep and staying there. I’ve tried different things to help me sleep. Sleeping pills. Once. Only once. I had a bad dream about the devil, trying to claim me. He tried to drag me off the bed. I woke halfway on the floor.  Melatonin. Makes me feel like I need to tinkle all night long, so that equals no sleep. Warm milk, makes me tinkle all night long. Going to bed only when I’m ready to sleep. Yeah. Sure, that doesn’t work. I still lay awake and then I have to get up in four hours for the day job. Nope. Meditation. Helps me go to sleep, but I still wake throughout the night.

Here are some of the ways the experts suggest you fight insomnia.

  1. Lower the room temp. (I have hot flashes, so I see myself snuggling under the covers, only to die of a heat stroke.)
  2. Taking a warm bath/shower before bed. (Hot flash city)
  3. Meditate.
  4. Stick to a schedule. (My work schedules differs from week to week, so this is difficult for me.)
  5. Experience day and night. (Go outside during the day. The sunlight tells your body its daytime. The lack of sunlight signals bed time to the body.)
  6. Yoga.
  7. Do not look at the clock. (Yeah. Right.)
  8. Avoid naps throughout the day. (Nap? I wish I could nap.)
  9. Watch what you eat and when. (eat 4 hours before bedtime.)
  10. listen to relaxing music.
  11. Exercise during the day.
  12. Get comfy. (hot flash waiting to happen here.)
  13. Turn off all electronics.
  14. Aromatherapy. (I suffer from allergies. Some smells, lavender etc makes me itchy and sneezy.)
  15. Journaling. (I write all day/on computer/in notebooks)
  16. Limit caffeine/drink something smoothing. (Isn’t this the way to become an alcoholic?)
  17. Adjust sleeping position. (I do this alllll night long.)
  18. Read something.
  19. Focus on trying to stay awake. (Reverse psychology huh?)
  20. Visualize things that make you happy.
  21. sleep enhancing supplements.


I have also tried coloring (in those expensive adult coloring books) which I enjoy, but I find myself wanting to finish the page and gee, looky I lost time. It’s after midnight. So, you ask, what works? Nothing. Nothing works. I’m at a loss. Guess I will keep searching and trying to have a good nights sleep.

Good luck to you. Sweet dreams.

Be true to yourself