The Future is Uncertain

This is a true statement.  Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Yes, predictions can be made, but as Yoda taught us, the future is always in motion. Every situation calls for a decision and each decision has a result. The result may not be in your favor, but sometimes, you know it’s not going to be. That little voice in your head told you not to take that money from your coworker, but you did anyway, now you’re fired and face charges.

Decisions equals consequences. Bad decision making means, you guessed it, bad consequences. I know sometimes you gotta take risks, it’s all part of life. Sometimes, those risks pays off and sometimes, it doesn’t.

Sometimes you do things, for the wrong reasons, but tell yourself you’re doing this for good reasons. You lie to yourself. We lie to each other all the time. (Do these pants make me look fat?)  That doesn’t excuse your lies. Your lies level up your consequence. What you give is what you get. Karma. Whatever you wanna call it. Law of attraction. It’s all a part of life.

If you base your actions on hate, you’ll be hated.  This last week in America, people have murdered innocent people. Others had tried to murder authority figures. These criminals were caught and will face severe consequences for their actions. As they should.

If you base your actions on love and peace and make good decisions, then good things will happen. You give food to a homeless person, or take in a dog or cat, or maybe you donated to a charity, which means something to your heart. We try to do things to help others. We want to make life better. That is who we are.

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Make good decisions for the good of others and yourself. Be polite. In the immortal words of Bill and Ted, Be Excellent to Each Other.


Be True to Yourself.