First and foremost we are individuals with our own thoughts, feelings, and belief systems. Each and every one of us can achieve great heights in our life. Inventors. Dreamers. Doers. Together, united for a purpose, we are unstoppable.

We need each other. It doesn’t matter if we agree on religion or what type of meat, if any, we wanna eat. What matters is that we stand together when the times comes, to protect each other. To protect the human race. To protect lives. Babies, children, the next generation. We need to watch each other’s back. Build each other up, instead of letting petty differences tear us apart.

We are one race. The human race and humans need other humans. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. We need to talk to another, to tell lame jokes to hear laughter. To hold another when that person face trials. We need a leader to follow, a wise man to answer the difficult questions, a mother’s love to heal out boo-boos, and a friendly handshake when meeting another.

We crave this.

Together we can move the heavy furniture. Together we can be victorious in a battle. Face the music folks, a battle is brewing and when that battle starts, you aren’t gonna be concerned about the sex of the person fighting alongside you. You aren’t gonna see skin color. You aren’t gonna ask about religion. Or age. You’ll be too happy, just knowing that someone is fighting beside you on the same side.

Truth is individually we need teamwork to change the world for the better. A battle is looming in our future. You will have to choose a side.


Be True to Yourself.