Yes VS. No

No! Boom! Drop the mic. You don’t have to explain your no answer to anyone. Please note, if you have kids, a no answer is usually followed by a whiny why not? This is normal and constant. Anyway, if a friend or family member (other than your offspring) asked you to say/do/or give something, which you really don’t wanna say/do/or give, then don’t. Say no. Be warned, stick to your guns. The snake charmer will do or say anything to make you change your mind and make you say/do/ or give something that you’ll regret.

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Now if you’re the one being said no to. Step back and really look at what you are asking. Is it life or death? (if so you’re asking the wrong person) Are you asking for something that may harm someone else? Is this legal? Are your intentions pure? Is this really something you must have? Accept the no answer and ask someone else. Or. Be a big boy or girl and say/do/ or give whatever it is yourself. Respect the no. Be responsible.

Yes! Woot! Awesome, you got a yes! Celebrate. Be grateful. Show the yes-sayer that you appreciate him or her. Follow through with your part. Be happy. Pass the good fortune forward. Since someone is helping you, help someone.

If the yes you received should have been a no, lick your wounds and stand up. Take responsibility. Accept the lesson and grow from it. Keep trying. Keep moving forward.

If the question has been presented to you, yes or no. Let’s think about the question first. Is this a once in a lifetime adventure? Is this going to be an exciting adventure? Can you afford it? Do you have the time? What are the chances or being hurt or killed? Will you harm someone else? Is it legal? Are you scared? If so, why?

Face your fears. Enjoy life, it’s too short to always say no. Say yes to adventure. Say yes to meeting new people and going to new places.

Be true to yourself.