Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart and the rest will follow. Okay, maybe that’s not how the song goes, but it’s true. Your heart can lead you to some extraordinary experiences.

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Follow your heart, it’ll lead you to the best places, which may be hidden from your eyes. A waterfall to heal your soul. Perhaps a park, with a creek so you can plunge your feet into the cold rushing water. Your heart and soul wants to feel sunshine on your skin. Your heart wants to smell the wildflowers. Your heart wants to hear the buzzing of bees. (visiting said wildflowers, not attacking you. Sorry the horror writer broke free a moment there.) Your heart wants to feel the blades of grass against your toes.  Your heart wants to see the forest, the animals, the freedom. There’s the word. Your heart wants freedom.

Follow your heart, you’ll meet the most exciting people, strangers at first, who will morph into friends. You’ll be engulfed with other’s thoughts, feelings, culture, music, hopes, fears, legends, and truths. Open your heart and let them in. Enrich yourself.  Allow yourself to go with the flow.

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Follow your heart, it’ll lead you to your life purpose. (I’m still working on mine) Just listen. Pay attention to your feelings. If something excites you and fills you with happiness, perhaps you should take a closer look. Research. Discover how you can make this work. Yeah, they will be times when you ask, ‘how can I make a living doing this?’ In fact just last night I said to a friend, “I can’t make a living writing.”

He told me to listen to what I said. ‘I can’t.’ So, I can’t. It’s that Law of Attraction. You say you lack, therefore you lack. I’m working on rewiring my thought process.

Follow your heart, but remember to listen to the rest of your body as well, especially the brain. If you really want to fly, don’t strap on a couple of two by fours and jump off the roof. Find another way. Be smart. Be good. Follow your heart’s desire.


Be true to yourself.