Great Beginnings

Life is full of starts and restarts. When one phase comes to a close, a new one starts. Truth is we hafta start somewhere, so why not here. Why not now? Just think, every new experience adds to your journey. Please note, I didn’t separate good experiences from the bad. Because, all experiences is what makes you, you. You live and you learn. Sometimes we go through troubled times to teach us a lesson. You need to pick yourself up and restart your life, using your skills and the knowledge you have attained in life.

Yeah, it could be a rocky start. Things just aren’t lining up with what you need or want. Stop and look at what you are attempting. Is it right for you? Are you on the right path? Once you answered these questions, ask yourself if the method you are using to get what you need or want hurting others?

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Are you listening to the voices in your head? Or maybe the voices of friends and family? Ignore negative self-talk. That awful little voice telling you that you’re stupid or calling you a fool. Or maybe a family member is saying that to you? Perhaps they don’t understand? Or maybe they want you to stay down, so you wouldn’t surpass them? Some people want to feel superior to others and what better way to do so, then to knock the other down a few notches.

Life takes work and dedication. You don’t just snap your fingers (or wiggle your nose) and everything is perfect immediately. You start and restart. Sometimes you hit a dead-end. Sometimes you go down the wrong direction on a one way street. Don’t berate yourself, just turn around and go the correct way.

Give yourself time to adjust. Give yourself time to look around and actually see the rainbow in the sky. Follow the stars to a new place. If you’re not certain about something or need help. ASK. Stop and ask for directions. There are people planted in your life to help you, but you have to take the initiative to ask.

Here’s to great beginnings! (Clinks coffee cup) Be good. Be positive.


Be true to yourself.