Perfection is an Illusion

Ah, perfection that unattainable status many of us strive to achieve, but never make it. The truth is perfection is a lie. It doesn’t exist. That’s right, perfection is an illusion. We believe we can be perfect, heck some think they ARE perfect. We aren’t perfect. No one is. We all have our blemishes and scars. (both mental and physical) Because we are human, prone to make mistakes.

Some use this grasp at perfection as a block. Self sabotage. They say stuff like, once I get my office perfect, I’m gonna write the next Great American Novel. Or I’m not gonna start that lucrative business until everything is perfect. (And they never actually define, everything) News Flash! It’s not gonna happen. Ever. They aren’t gonna write a novel. They aren’t gonna start a business. Nothing will ever be enough. It’ll never be perfect.

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Some use the idea of perfection as a stepping stone. They over correct what they see as imperfection and become addicted to plastic surgery.  They work and work on the outside, perfecting what others can see clearly. Some people strive for perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect breast, perfect abs, and the list goes on and on. But look closer, at the truths hidden deep in the darkness. Addiction to drugs. Extramarital affairs and much more. Looking “perfect” on the outside doesn’t mean you have a “perfect” inside. As a horse owner, (past owner I should say) the sayin’ is pretty on the outside don’t mean pretty on the inside.

The facts are, there is always gonna be a rose petal out-of-place. Accept it. Ignore the imperfection and enjoy the fragrance.

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Be True to Yourself.