When I first started writing, I had a mentor I met with once a week, at a local place for lunch or coffee. We discussed all kinds of things, from writing to everyday life. He helped me and I helped him.  He has since moved out-of-state and I haven’t found any other local authors to hang with. Mentoring is very important, especially for writers. Writing is a solo gig, so we seek out others who understand that writers have crazy minds. We’re prone to go silent as we imagine another world, while standing in line for coffee and cake.

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In fact, most professions need mentors.  People who have been there and done it before. People who can give advice to those who may need it. We’re all good at giving advice, just check on Facebook. Right?

So, why not help out your fellow human beings? Give good advice. Mentor someone. Back in the good ole’ days, you took a newbie under your wing, let’s do that. Let’s teach, inform, advise, offer assistance, or whatever is needed. Let’s help each other instead of pointing fingers and being rude to each other. Build up people instead of tearing them down.


Be true to yourself.