Worry Wart

The saying is ‘Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.’

Most working folks worry about a lot of different things, mostly money, bills, food, money, bills, Oh. Wait. Yeah. I think there are different levels of worrying. There’s the normal worry and then there’s the obsessive worrying.

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Normal worry is your average everyday worries, and they can lead to action. The doctor says I need to lose a few pounds. I need to eat healthier. but healthy food costs money. What can I do to increase my income? An opportunity appears and you take it. The opportunity leads to more opportunity and ta da! Extra income. Experience in a field, which might be close to your heart. You meet different people. Maybe your soul mate?

Now, I’m not saying worry is good for you. Everyone knows that worry leads to stress and stress is a bad boo boo. What I am saying is don’t worry about the small worries. Deal with them head on. Get it over with. There’s too much fun to be had. Too many smiles waiting to be smiled.

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The Big Bad Boo Boo is obsessive worry. You’re worrying about stuff that hasn’t even happened and may NEVER happen. This is about stuff you can’t control. You can’t control how someone is else is going to react. You can’t go over  and over and over it in your head. You’re worrying so much, you ruined your day. You aren’t enjoying yourself. Others don’t want to be around you. You are in a constant state of worry. You can’t let go.

So what can you do to ease your troubled mind?

  1. Talk to a pro.
  2. Turn up the radio! Dance and sing like no one is watching. (Close the blinds, it’ll help. Past experience here, folks)
  3. Do an activity you enjoy. Get focused on something exciting.
  4. Go for a walk. Hike in the woods. Stick your feet in a creek.
  5.  Exercise.
  6.  Meditate. Yoga.

Things not to do.

  1. Self medicate with alcohol or drugs.
  2. Harm yourself.
  3.  Sit in the dark, all alone… creepy dude.
  4. Don’t run out and buy a large expensive toy, like a luxury car, a speedboat, or a mansion. Momentary happiness does not equal true happiness.
  5. Blame others for your problems.
  6.  Sell your soul to the devil. (I know it’s tempting)
  7.  Don’t be an ass.

Kick worrying out of your life.



Be true to yourself.