Your Purpose in Life

As y’all know, I’ve been struggling to discover what my true purpose in life is. The struggle is real. I am still grasping at straws and researching every small thing that pops in my overly crowded head. I still don’t have an answer, but I’m not giving up. It’ll happen when it’s time for it to happen. And I’m keeping my eyes open, looking for it. I can tell you how to get on the road to discover your true purpose, which is pretty easy. Well, it should be easy, but nothing in life worth having is easy. Just to contradict myself, it shouldn’t be hard either.

The first stop is at the library, book store, or kindle. Whatever you have and read from. Check out some self-help books. If you have a kindle, I’d suggest picking up those free ones. I do. Anyway, these self-help books will tell you a lot of the same things, like being kind to each other. Respect each other. Be positive. These things should be easy to accomplish. I know there are people in the world who would find these things very difficult. We are all hard-wired a different way. What works for me may not work for you. You must find your own path. I can give you the guide lines, but it’s up to you to take that first step.

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Next step is put what you read into practice. Strive to be a better person. Meditate. It works wonders. I can clear my mind in two seconds flat, but I’m a fidgeter (this isn’t a word, but it’s true, so I’m leaving it here. lol) and I can’t keep it clear for long. I’m working on it, so don’t judge.

Watch for signs. I know, you’re rolling your eyes and saying stuff like, here we go. But seriously, watch for signs. Something will pop up. When I first started on the road to my true purpose in life, the idea of blogging appeared to me, out of the blue. The very next day, after I said nope, not blogging. I’ve got enough on my plate, my husband says, you need to start a blog. The rest is history.

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Once you see those signs, take action. Research. I did a lot of reading on blogs. I picked up free books and checked out the mighty Google. The key is to not get consumed with research. If you do, then research is not action. You have to move. Action is movement. Getting stuck in research means you aren’t moving.

I stepped out from behind the research and I took the plunge. I bought my spot to blog, which brings us to something you have to deal with, money. You don’t get something unless you pay for it. (so says the person telling you to get the free books off kindle) What I mean is, nothing BIG is gonna come to you without you forking over some money honey.

I could have started the free blog, but my freedom would have been compromised. Balance. Everything is about balance. What you give is what you get. If you think positive you will receive positive results. Remember that computer saying from the 80’s? Garbage in garbage out. It’s true.

So, read books. Look around you and listen to the positive voices in your head. Research. Meditate. Take action. Be better. Get on the road to your happiness, to you true purpose in life.


Be True to Yourself