Stay Determined.

Life. It gets in the way of well, life. The fact is the minute you make a decision to change, life throws a road block in your way.  What happens next is up to you. Do you sit there and idle or do you take a detour?

Stay determined and focus to the path you have chosen. Don’t allow life to get in the way. Yeah, I hear you, easier said than done.  So, you want to go to the gym at noon, but your mother-in-law, whom you haven’t spoken to in a couple of weeks calls and invites you out for lunch. Go have lunch! Enjoy yourself, just don’t over indulge.  Go to the gym afterwards. Move your schedule around.

Continue with your plans of change. Be flexible. Be determined. Be focused. Watch out for the orange traffic cones. (lol. sorry, couldn’t help myself) Do the thing you decided to do. Eat better. Workout. Treat other people better. Meditate. Feel good about yourself.

Stay determined and follow your dreams.


Be true to yourself.