Energy and Surrendering.

It’s all around us. Energy is us.  Call it whatever you want to. Energy. Vibes. The Force. Whatever. Energy is everything, even money. There’s good energy and bad. It swirls around us 24/7. Yep, even as we sleep.

Now, I’m a very open person and I’ve been working on tapping into this energy. (we all should) At first I had only focused on the good energy, since I’m a positive person, I have enough negative to deal with in my life, why add more? Then I had a symbolic vision (dream, whatever you want to call it) about a woman walking a big dog. The dog saw something and ran after it. The woman held on to the leash, trying to control the big dog. The leash burned her hands and the dog got away. She showed me her hands and I felt her pain.

Upon thinking about this vision. It’s all about control. I can’t control the energy around me. I can’t control others’ energy. Plus I can’t just focus on good energy. Life is full of energy both good and bad.  There’s Yin and Yang. You can’t have one without the other. Heaven and Hell. Good and Evil. Everything has to balance. There’s an important word. Balance.

The further my journey, which is still in progress, I was meditating and a voice said, “Surrender.”

I’m doing my best to do just that. I’ve said it many times. ‘I surrender.’ As of right now, I haven’t had a huge break through. Maybe I haven’t fully surrendered? I don’t know. Maybe I have too high of expectations? I’m unsure, which is why I’m writing about it.  Hopefully I will get this figured out. I will. It’ll come when it’s ready.


Be True to Yourself