A co-worker at the day job mentioned he felt as if he had been jumping hurdles all day.  I understood how he felt. It seemed like I was struggling since the get go, today. Just about everyone I spoke to today had to argue, moan, and or complain about something. It was so bad, I checked the calendar to make sure today wasn’t a Monday. It sure felt like one. But I kept going. I kept hoping the next person I spoke to would be in better spirits. Some were and I did my best to focus on those few.

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Some days, crap happens. Simply put. What matters is how you react to said crap. I’ve said this before. It’s all about your attitude. How you handle the crap in your way. The best way to do that is to watch where you step. Stay positive and don’t let others get you down.

Keep running the track. Keep jumping those hurdles. As you go, the hurdles get smaller and smaller, and then they’ll disappear all together. Then the race changes. You get a raise. Or a new job. Something changes and it’s over hurdles again. That’s life.

Jump those hurdles. Win.

Be true to yourself.