Imagine if you will, the ice cream truck has turned down your street. You can hear the music. You can see the white truck with pictures of various yummy treats. Awesome! You have a couple of dollars! WOOT! You can get any type of ice cream treat you wanna! All of your friends and people you don’t know run out to the side of the street. You get in line. No one is pushing or being mean. Everyone is talking about which ice cream flavor they want. You hear some flavors you like and hear some you don’t care for, but you don’t care. Some people like odd (to you) flavors and some prefer vanilla. No biggie right?

Everyone is happy and enjoying their ice cream. I mean it’s difficult to be mad with ice cream.

So, why can’t we act like that when it comes to religion? Race? Homosexuality? Politics? Why do some of us get upset, scream and shout, or threaten others with violence because their life style is different? Since when did a difference of opinion become so dangerous? Every single one of us, whether we’re black, white, tan, purple, or green have a different point of view. Different opinions on life. I don’t have to agree with your opinion and you don’t have to agree with mine. Whatever I say isn’t written in stone. It isn’t a law or commandment. No one is being forced to share my beliefs.

To pound this truth a little deeper into your mind: let other people live their lives. As long as your neighbors aren’t murdering people or doing something illegal. (Selling drugs,etc) leave them alone. So what if their skin color is darker than yours? So what if it’s two girls living together? Other people’s lives are not your business.

If you can’t be polite or friendly, don’t be mean. Get over yourself.  Your opinion only means something to you.


Be True to Yourself.