See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

I bet everyone visualized the three monkeys, covering their faces. Did you know these monkeys have names? I didn’t. Mizaru covers his eyes. Kikazaru covers his ears and Iwazaru covers his mouth. They are called the Three Mystic Apes.

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So, what exactly do they mean? There’s a couple of meanings attached to them. One is an old proverb of being of good mind, speech, and action. Basically not dwelling on evil thoughts. So what is an evil thought? First impulse says, evil thoughts are dangerous, major wrongs,  like wishing someone dead. Planning a murder. etc. As a writer I’m petrified here. I plan murders all the time!

According to the All Mighty Google, evil thoughts are giving in to the thought of temptation of any sin. Meaning, That new sexy neighbor, who is married is off-limits. Thinking about sneaking around with said neighbor is an evil thought. You need some monkeys.

Personally, I think we all fantasize about a lot of things. Thinking about a sexy person, example, Adam Levine, or any other yummy celebrity happens. Right? So what. As long as you don’t hop a plane, stake out his house, and kidnap him, there’s no harm done. Just saying the action is worse than the thought. (My own personal opinion, others may feel differently and that’s fine)

Also remember, we can change our thoughts. If said thoughts trouble us. Change your mind. Change your life. If you’re having negative thoughts, switch them to positives. But kept that Pinterest pin of Adam hidden. (wink wink)

Another meaning has to do with the lack of responsibility from people, who turn a blind eye to the monstrosities in the world. You know, like ignoring the filthy six years old kid begging for food on the streets. Ignoring hate crimes. Walking by someone pleading for help, while a group of people beat him.

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To me, this is worse than the evil thoughts. This is action. No thought involved. The action is walking away. Help your fellow human. It doesn’t matter the color of their skin.  Their sexual orientation, or their religion, doesn’t matter to you either. None of these things are your business. The fact is a fellow human needs help.



Be true to yourself

and if you don’t like yourself.