Save the Cheerleader, Save Yourself

Yeah, I changed that just a we bit. Let’s chat about that inner voice, you know the one I mean. The one voice, deep in your mind, criticizing every single move you make or word you say. ‘What did I do that for? I’m so stupid! Why didn’t I say this instead? I’m such a pushover.’ Yeah, that voice. Self Talk.

Stop it. Give self talk a swift kick out of our minds and invite someone a bit more positive in. We need someone who has our back. Someone who would push us through the tough times and cheer us on when we do something right. In short we all need our very own cheerleader.

closeup photo of cheerleader holding white pompom
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Please note, as a horror writer, please don’t run off to some school and kidnap a cheerleader. I’m not talking flesh and blood here.  I’m talking about an inner cheerleader to take away the negative self talk. So instead of  ‘I’m so stupid!’ why not say, ‘Huh, I didn’t think about that.’ We all need that voice in our head, saying stuff like, ‘Rah rah! I deserve that raise!’

So when negative events happen, and they will. This cheerleader will spin the negative into a positive outlook. The more your cheerleader does this, the easier being positive becomes.

‘So, you got laid off? You hated that job. Now you have time to find a new job making more money. With benefits. A better job. One you enjoy.  Rah rah!’

Be your own cheerleader. Be positive.


Be true to yourself.