There’s a saying, Change your mind, change your life. I believe William James said it or something close enough to count as a quote. I truly believe this quote.  Let’s look at the first part, Change your mind. How about be positive? Yeah, negative situations are gonna occur. It’s life, not a fairy tale we’re living. How you react to this negative situation defines you. If, as a result, you give up and tuck yourself into a corner and cry. Chances are, you’re not gonna make it. But if you hold your chin high and face the situation head on, you’ll reach whatever goal you have set.

Change your mind. Mmm, let’s rephrase that, OPEN your mind. Your brain isn’t shaped like a square. why close it in a little  box? Everyone had hurdles to cross, be considerate to others. The homeless lady on the corner, didn’t start her life as a little girl with a goal of being homeless one day.

Change your life. The sneaky truth is, once you change your mind, the change your life thing just happens. Make decisions and stick to them. So you’ve decided to eat healthy. Why are you eating a candy bar? Will power. Follow through. Don’t live your life halfway. Finish what you start.

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Change your mind, Change your life.  Do it.


Be true to yourself