Is someone there?

Is someone whispering in your ear at night? Or walking the halls? Or maybe moving stuff around in your basement? What’s be-bopping around your house?  Where did they come from? Perhaps they were here before you were? Like maybe the deceased owners of the house you just bought? Perhaps they are attached to an item they cherished? Perhaps they’re attached to you?

Spirits. Ghosts. Haunting. Whatever ya wanna call them. Thousands of people all over the world believe in ghosts. Ask your buddies on Facebook. You’d be surprised of how many of your friends have had an unexplained experience.

I believe my house is haunted. I’ve heard voices, some I couldn’t understand, but at other times I hear my name. When I’m cooking, someone or something walks past the door. It goes from the right to the left and then the left from the right. Then I look out, expecting to see family members and nobody is there.

My ghost has never harmed us, so I don’t think too much about it. If you think your house is haunted, get in touch with one of those ghost hunters shows. OR do it yourself. Snap ;pictures with your cell phone or digital camera. Record yourself asking questions and listen for responses. Research your house. A library would be helpful.

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If you are being harmed in any way, mentally or physically, get some help. Have a man of whatever religion you believe in come and bless your house. Contact a medium to force the evil spirit out.

Be brave. Not all ghosts yell, “Boo!”


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