Sorry Charlie.

I’ve touched on this subject before. If you have unintentionally harmed or wronged someone apologize and move on. The reason I’m here again is because of the misuse of the words, ‘I’m sorry’.

Some people apologize without meaning it, and that defeats the purpose of those two words. You have to mean it. Believe me, the person you’re apologizing to knows the truth. That person might just allow you to get away with it, once. Twice. Hopefully not a third time.  Be truthful with others. Be a good person.

Some people apologize for everything, and I mean everything. For asking a question. For walking. For singing. For breathing, it seems like. Stop. You have done nothing wrong. You haven’t said anything to be sorry for. Asks questions. Walk where ever you want to. (not the road, okay.) Sing, even if it’s off-key. Who cares? Live in the moment. Don’t be concerned about other people’s opinion.

grayscale photo of baby feet with father and mother hands in heart signs
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Dude, I went to the bank today. Just running an errand before work, so I didn’t get all dolled up. I mean, I’m wearing sweat pants, a T-shirt, socks, and gray tennis shoes. An older woman gave me the up and down look and stormed out of the bank. I just shook my head and went on with my errands. I can’t lie, I wondered if my purple polka dot socks were too much… Some people can’t handle difference. That’s their problem.



Be Truthful with Yourself