No, I didn’t say mummy. I’m talking moms here. Most people I know, are from broken homes. After really thinking about it, I can only name a few  married couples. Isn’t that crazy? But anyway, hubs and I just celebrated twenty-seven years. Crazy. I know, I let him live.

Anyway, moms hold everything together. They keep it all glued together. My father skipped out on us when I was a toddler, left mom to raise my brother and I. she did so, all alone. She never remarried. Because of her, I am who I am today. She helped shaped me to be the nice, honest, responsible, and insane person I am.

At some point, everybody needs their mom. You’re having a bad day and need to hear her voice. It happens. Call her. Text, email. Whatever. My mom lives in a different state. We text and email. Occasionally call.

Just remember we’re all getting older. Our health changes. Talk to each other while, you can.


Be true to yourself