Try VS Do

For years Yoda has told us, Do or do not. There is no try. He’s right, isn’t he? Of course he is, he’s a master. He knows patience and how to wield a light saber, so yeah he’s right. Duh.

So, when it comes down to doing something you’ve never done, something you might be afraid of doing, like … sky diving, should you do it? That depends on you.

Fear is a natural thing.  It’s there for a reason, to keep us alive. Some people are adamant about NOT doing this and some are scribbling this down on their bucket list. Whichever. Some people will face their fears and jump out of a plane way up in the sky. Some will not. And some people in that first group of jumpers are afraid of spiders, while some in the stay on the ground group are not concerned about creepy crawlies. Strange huh?

You have to pick your poison. Me? I’d like to think I would jump out of a plane, with the assistance of a trained professional. Spiders? As long as they’re not on me, they are fine. Actually I find their webs to be scarier. I mean seriously, have you ever walked through a web? I have and all I could think was, where’s the spider?

spider web
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I want to be a doer. Not a try-er. I want to do crazy things. See crazy things, meet crazy people. (not the psycho type people) We’re talking about living, not just being alive. If all I had to look forward to in my life was working forever, I’d never climb out of bed.

So, live. Do things. Things that scare you, but do these things safely. Speak to a professional. Research. Remember, Google is your friend. Read a book about whatever activity you’re planning on. Prepare. Educate yourself.

Do it.

Be true to yourself


So, my favorite Yoda quote is, “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.”

(I had to add this. So awesome.)