Get Moving!

This means a couple of different things. First, link in to your brain power. Learn new things. Read. Research, remember Google is your friend. Take classes. Stop staring at the television and watching mindless shows. Your mind is a muscle. Flex it, train it, and use it.

Secondly, the obvious, exercise your body. Get the blood flowing. Join a gym. Read books on exercising. If you’re unsure about this, I know a guy who would love to meet you and help you reach your goals. He could set up a chart of exercises and show you how to correctly do said exercise. Contact me and I’ll be happy to pass your information along.

Here’s third thing you can do as well, eat better. Yes, put the candy bar down and have a banana. I personally, eat bunches of fruit, when in season, and I snack on yogurt and granola bars. I also hear the seduction cries of the god: Chocolate. But I do my best to eat good foods.

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What are your reasons for doing these things? You might live longer. Yes, I said might, there’s no guarantee about the future. The fact is, tomorrow is not promised to you or me. We live the best life we can.  Why not be the best you, you can be?

You’ll feel better, smarter, stronger. You’ll look better. The opposite sex may even give you a second glance as well. (wink wink) Why not give it a try? What could you lose? Besides fat? Negative energy. Poor self-image. You’ll gain self-confidence. Respect. Admiration from others. Maybe even make more friends. You’ll be happier.

Get happy.

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Be True to Yourself.