Reach for that Goal

Yesterday, I typed ‘the end’ on my work in progress, Smoke and Broken Mirrors. It really feels good to finish a project I had started.  Just think, I set a goal and accomplished it.  Now I feel successful and in control of my life. I feel confident, like I can accomplish anything. This is an awesome feeling. The best thing? Everyone can feel this way.

Set a goal. Not something so monstrous, it overwhelms you. Decide what you want out of life and then look at the steps you need to make to reach that goal. Now, make each step into a mini-goal. For me, a mini-goal was pretty simple, finish the next chapter.

Once you reach your goal, celebrate! Go out to eat. Meet up with friends. Enjoy yourself. Allow yourself to feel excited. Pat yourself on the back. Bow to a mirror. Whatever. Now, look at the next step and work toward your goal. I still have to edit, which will be my next goal. After that, two more sets of eyes will read over and suggest corrections. Then my last goal on this project will be uploading it to and (buy my books)

I know sometimes you can feel kinda down. We all do. (The secret is not to wallow in these bad feelings.) When I feel down, I look back over my goals and at what I have accomplished and I feel better.

Now, look ahead and see the goal line in sight. It’s right there, just beyond your finger tips, all you gotta do is reach for it!

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Never quit. Never surrender.


Be true to yourself.