There are several important factors  in living.  One of those factors is friendship. Growing up, different (a wee bit monster crazy, it’s a writer thing. Buy my books) I didn’t have many friends. I had plenty of non-friend friends. You know, the people who said they were your friend, but didn’t act like it. Even now, a few of these types tries to enter my life. I just smile and let them be. I view them as Facebook friendships. I have bunches of friends there, but only a handful of true friends.

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True friendship is important. We rely on our friends to keep us straight. To encourage us. To fuss when we make a mistake. To help us get home if we partake in too many adult beverages. We need someone to vent to. Someone who will tell us like it is and not just be yes men. We need help in moving heavy furniture or in clean up after a nasty storm. We accept true friendship and we offer true friendship.

Trust. Loyalty. Honesty. This is true friendship. Not looking for something someone can give you and not giving back. That’s a non-friend friend. Lying. Back stabbing. These are not good character traits.

When we first moved into our house, the neighbor told us about the man who used to live on the other side of us. Said he didn’t have anything to do with anyone. Neighbors would wave at him, but he never waved back. Never spoke to anyone. So, one day he’s out working on the roof of his house. Alone. Naturally, he falls off the roof and breaks some bones. The neighbors heard him yelling for help and responded. They called 911 and rushed over to him. He laid on the ground in a heap and asked, “Who are you?”

The answer was, “Your neighbors.”

Being friendly is rewarding. You make friends. That’s what life is all about.


Be True to yourself.