Step right up folks, get in line. Welcome to the most amazing, yet horrifying question known to mankind.  Yes, I said question, not an event, or a shady side-show in a creepy carnival. (I haven’t written that book yet.) Fact is, we ask all sorts of questions, from the mundane to the life changing kind.

“Want fries with that?”

“Will you marry me?”

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Naturally we ask questions. It starts waaayyy back, think of a toddler, chocolate smeared on her face asking THE question kids ask. “Why?” We asked because we dunno and we wanna know. As we aged, the questions changed.  “Should I wear the red dress or the blue?” Then we just stopped asking real questions. NOTE: I said real questions. The never answerable question of “What do you feel like eating?” doesn’t count.

We just accept things the way they are. “Why did my house payment go up fifty bucks?” or “Why doesn’t the grocery store carry my brand of coffee anymore?” It just is. I, however would ask the coffee question.

So, for that amazing and yet horrifying question. But first, really think about your answer.

Are you happy?

If not, what can you do to be happy?

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Write down your answers. Brain storm. Google (it’s your friend!) whatever you have to do. Do it. Find your happy.  Be happy.


Be true to yourself.