Don’t Hold Back

Obstacles. Life is full of them. But sometimes, we make ’em up. We plant these obstacles, feed ’em, water ’em, and then, we’re surprised when they get in our faces and muck our lives up.  So, let’s face these hand-made obstacles and tear ’em up.

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Worry. We worry about everything. OMG! Tomorrow is Monday. I have to go back to work. What are they gonna have me doing? Then you spend your entire Sunday worrying about Monday. Why? Why did you do that? Now you’re mad at yourself for wasting a whole day! Stop worrying. Just stop. Suck it up Buttercup and deal with Monday as it comes.

Negative thoughts. Banish these horrible thoughts. Really. Push them right out of your mind. Do not degrade yourself or others. We have this awful habit of talking smack, about ourselves. And this is okay? You tell yourself you’re ugly or fat or stupid. Heck you may even say these things out loud and laugh at yourself. If anyone else actually said this to us, we would fight them. So why do we do it to ourselves? On the same token, why talk smack about people you don’t know. So what if that guy has a purple mohawk? Do you know him? Is he your concern? Maybe he’s in a band? Maybe he’s a model? Whatever.

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Lack of self-confidence. Re-read the above paragraph. We’re constantly putting ourselves down, no wonder we don’t have any confidence in our abilities. Be kind to yourself. be kind to others. It doesn’t hurt you to be positive. In fact, it’ll help you. Hold your head up. square back those shoulders. Know life will mirror your energy. If you’re negative. Negative situations will constantly occur.  Be positive.


Be true to yourself.