Patience, Yeah Yeah…

I admit it, I don’t have a lot of patience. I am a doer. I gotta do, do, do…go, go, go. To me, sitting back and waiting is a waste of time. I could do so much stuff while you’re, well. Not.

I am punctual as well, so we have to be on time, even if that means leaving way before we really need to. My husband can wait to the last-minute to do something or go somewhere, which can make us late. (This is a long-standing joke with all of my friends.) While, I’m already waiting at the front door. Ready to go, go go, and do, do, do.

I am working on the patience thing. We all have a different clock in our bodies and we all do or go according to that internal clock. I remind myself of this every single day. So, you have to wait in line a few minutes before getting breakfast, or for tickets to a show. Or maybe to go on a ride. (I suggest the roller coaster, woo woo woo)

So what? Take it easy.  Enjoy the show. Look out the windows, smells the roses, or wild flowers, whatever is there. I’m a natural people watcher. (Writer, ya know. Buy my books.) So I study the people around me. Their clothes, make-up, hair style. I watch the way they stand, move their hands. I see if they speak to the person nearby and try to eavesdrop. (Yes I do!) I keep my mind busy and I practice patience.

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So chill. Try to find the silver lining and know that you are exactly where you need to be, exactly at that moment. You will receive what you have earned, when the time is right. If you rush it, or cheat it, life won’t be the same. It’ll sour on you. So patience people.  Just a little patience, yeah yeah.


Be true to yourself.