Roller Coaster, Woo Woo Woo

Life is like a roller coaster, with all of the ups and downs and the twists and turns. Your best bet on successfully making it to the end of the ride is to strap in, hold on, and have fun.

Just think of how boring riding a merry -go-round really is. You are basically going round and round, in the same spot. Now, I have to say all the horses and carnival animals on the ride are awesome, but you see the same stuff, deal with the same things, same people over and over again.

Or, you instead of up and down, or twisty and turny, or round and round, you flatline. You stay in the same spot, not even moving. This means, you aren’t even on a ride. You are watching life from the sidelines. Lucky you, you get to watch other people enjoy life. (Note: that was sarcasm.) No one wants to watch someone else get that job they really really wanted, or date that girl, they’re crushing on.

photography of a woman sitting on the chair listening to music
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This is your life. You only have so much time. Why waste it by snacking on fried pigs feet, while standing around watching others live? As my mom would say, “Get off the pot.”

Live. Join the living by getting on the roller coaster. Hang on tight! Close your eyes if you wanna.(But, don’t miss anything.)  Scream! Laugh. Wave your hands in the air. Yell stuff like, “Look at me ma!” Whatever. Just ride.

Yeah, the roller coaster (woo woo woo) can be scary, but the only way to live is to face the fear, the sadness, and the pain. Because you’ll also get excitement, happiness, and love.  Isn’t life worth it?



Be true to yourself.