Keep Learning

You are never too old or too busy to learn something new. It doesn’t matter if you learn via talking to a friend or if you read an article in some magazine. Do yourself a favor and learn new information, new practices, new people, and new cultures.

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I consider myself a Google Queen.  Remember, Google is your friend.  Just a few minutes ago I looked up Spiritual Healers and Life Coaching. Two careers I am interested in knowing more about. There are a lot of ads and courses costing from $95.00 up into the thousands. So, I’m going to give you an alternative to spending money you might not have.

First I asked a friend who has abilities if she knew of any Spiritual Healers. Ask your friends. They might know someone who could answer your questions directly. Listen to the people who really know you, but more importantly listen to your heart.

I went onto my Amazon account and downloaded free books for both subjects onto my Kindle. Sweet! (Buy my books)

Then I checked on free online courses. Plus I signed up for free newsletters. If I think the newsletters are a waste of time, I can simply unsubscribe. Same with the free online courses. If and that’s a big IF the free courses inspire me to continue along this line, I can take a paid course.




Keep an open mind and look to the future. You might think your life can’t get better. Think positive and reach out to subjects that interest you, no matter how crazy they may seem to others.

Keep reaching and keep learning.


Be true to yourself