Music To My Ears

Yes, today we are talking music. I love to listen to music all day long and it doesn’t matter what type, well not really. I prefer old-time rock-n-roll, but I listen to everything. Heavy Metal. Bang your head! Rock. Woot! Country. Ye-yaw! R&B. Yes ma’am. Rap. Sure. I am currently listening to the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s station on my phone.

Music is important. It changes out mood. It can make us happy. It can make us sad. Sleepy. Even wakes us up. You can’t tell me, you never listened to the radio and turned the radio up so you can really sing the song or dance.

Music bridges the generation gap. When my daughter was young, she listened to country. No lie, she could name that song in two beats. Now she listens to pretty much everything. She can name current bands or singers quickly. Unlike myself. I can listen to the music and not have a clue who is singing.

Music makes the world go ’round. It’s everywhere and from everywhere. Australia. AC/DC. INXS. (Yes, I cried when Michael Hutchence passed away. so much talent gone.) Germany.  The Scorpions! England. Where do I start? Elton John. The Beatles, Clapton. Adele. USA. We will be here all day. Van Halen. Metallica. Nirvana. ZZ Top and many many more. Sorry if I didn’t mention your favorites. Music is everywhere. It surrounds us.

audience band concert crowd
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I can sing. Badly. I can dance. Even worse. Imagine a flailing chick, trying to get in the beat and failing. All of the time. But I still do both. I don’t care. I want to feel good. I want to lose myself in the music. So, what if I don’t have any rhythm. I still feel it.

Next time a song you like comes on, turn up the radio, sing out loud. Allow yourself to bang your head. Be one with the music. Let it carry you away on a magic carpet ride.

Be True to Yourself.