My brother and I played a lot of games, growing up. He had a bunch of those small green plastic military men. He was always the Blue Coats and I the Red. He always won, besides being older and stronger, I was only ‘allowed’ to play with a certain handful of army men, while he had the entire army. Cheater. Right? Right. We also played other games, such as the always entertaining, “The Floor is Lava!” or “Bomb Balloon” where if the balloon hits the floor it would explode. In our minds of course.

party rubber colorful balloon
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We didn’t have Nintendo or X-Box back then. In fact we didn’t have Atari (some of y’all are asking what is Atari?) We had Pong in middle school.  Pong was where there were two small lines on each side of the screen and a square ‘dot’ went back and forth. sort of like a poor man’s tennis.

As my brother and I became older, we moved games outside. We biked, skated, and played Frisbee.  We were outside the majority of the summer. (Although you couldn’t tell by looking at me, I never tanned. I stayed ghostly white.)

My husband and I don’t have any game consoles. We had a Wii once, but stopped playing. too much adulting crap to do I guess. We have some board games and card games laying about as well, but since it’s just the two of us, we don’t play often. I’d like to play more games. Perhaps we should anyway, have some laughs, and enjoy a little bit of time out of each day. I believe we will. Y’all should too, especially if you have young children. Tear them away from the video games and have a good time with the entire family. Enjoy yourselves.



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