Purrs and Fur

I sit at my desk in my office/exercise room/storage room, tapping at the keyboard. My dog Tye, AKA Little Dog, Baby Boy, or Caccoon, (something  between a cat and a raccoon) sleeps on the floor near my feet. The German Shepherd is hanging around with my husband.


In the guest room/bird’s room I hear the birds singing. Yeah, they can’t really carry a tune. I mean, they ain’t Adele, but they’re happy, so they sing.  Their singing fills the house with happiness. Just the simple things can make you smile and love life.

Without our pets, or as many people call them, our fur children, life would be emptier, incomplete. Studies have been done and even the act of sitting near a purring cat makes us feel better. Petting said purring kitty makes us even happier. Even the act of feeding and caring for an animal gives us a sense of purpose and fills our hearts with feeling.

For some, these pets are more than just a companion, they are a working bundle of furry help. The seeing eye dog or the dog who helps our veterans with PTSD. Animals are important to our way of life. Whether they are there as someone to talk to, or if they are working animals.


I encourage you, please adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue. Or if you live where you can not have animals, please donate to these places. Every cent helps an animal in need.


Be true to yourself


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