Get Happy!

Happiness is something we all strive for, be it with a rocking career, an awesome partner, a whoop-de-do lifestyle, or dare I even say it? Show me the money, honey. All of these items and much more, create the happiness spark in our bodies.

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The state of happiness also has a lot of confusion, for example, I’m naturally a positive person, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy. I have wants, a lot of wants, but looking around my life, I’m happy. I have a wonderful husband and an awesome daughter. I am working towards an awesome career, (buy my books) which leads to a nice lifestyle. Hey, I just want to pay my bills. (Along with a lot of other people)

Then there’s the naysayers, well perhaps that’s not the correct word for these folks. Y’all know the ones I mean. They say stuff like, ‘I’ll be happy once I lose some weight.’ Okay. Loose some weight then. Or ‘I won’t be happy until I make a million dollars a month.’ What kind of job do you have? Can I get in on that? These folks won’t allow themselves to be happy. They have just one more (huge-unattainable) goal to reach.

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Come on folks, don’t wait. Do not put off your happiness. Seek out whatever makes you happy. Fishing? Surfing? Sitting by a crackling fire, in a lodge on a mountain top. Relax. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Allow yourself to be happy.

Unhappy with your life? Change it. How? Attitude and behavior. You have to want it. You have to believe in it. You have to work at it every single day. Truth is no one is going to ride in on a white horse and rescue you. You have to rescue yourself.

Change your life.

Get happy!

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